Kev Curtis

Kev Curtis

Born in Woolwich, London

Lives & works in Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

Currently studying a BA Hons degree in photography.

Music is my first love.  Photography, a photo-finish second.

I have been a musician for my entire adult life. That's over 40 years of composing, playing, recording and performing. My interest in photography was kindled around 30 years ago and has ridden shotgun on that journey ever since. Indeed, it can be said that they're both built into my very DNA occupying the same helix as each other.


My love for music and the act of live performance is sated not only by doing, but also by capturing bands and artists in the throes of their passion through the camera eye. I find that observing an energetic and lively performance through my viewfinder is the next best thing to actually getting up on stage and performing myself.








What better way to spend an evening?


Engaged as a silent participant working from the shadows, dressed in black to remain unobtrusive, and separate from the audience, here is a collection of some of those evenings spanning a 5 year period, experienced mainly within the North Wales region, and mostly by local talent or acts with a Welsh connection. the venues range from small dimly-lit backstreet pubs to the largest in the area (Venue Cymru Theatre and Venue Cymru Arena).


Outside of music, I'm a sucker for a sunset, hence the 'sunset & dusk' collection.  I also love travelling when I can get the chance, and taking candid shots of people.  If something has visual merit, I will shoot it.

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I have had my work featured in the following venues and publications:

'Sounds Like Pictures', live music photography, part of the 'Inc.' exhibition, Galeri, Caenarfon & Pontio, Bangor, Wales

'Hiraeth' 2021 open show, Life: Full Colour Gallery, Caernarfon, Wales.

An honourable mention for the 'architecture genre' in the 2019 MonoVisions Awards.

The BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany

World Valid Hall Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Palazzo Ca'Zanardi, Venice, Italy

Photosynthesis Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

St. Thomas' Church, Mellor, Manchester.

Cynfran Primary School, Llysfaen, Colwyn Bay

September 2018 edition of 'Cheshire Life'

PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Espaco Espelho D'agua Gallery, Lisbon

Atelier Now, Dublin

The Photography Show, Birmingham NEC

Contributor to a digital exhibition for Street Photography magazine

Contributor to a digital exhibition appearing in the Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India